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Each bottle contain 750MG Delta 8 THC + 750MG CBD + 500MG CBN + Natural Indica Terpenes.


CBN is a natural sedative derived from hemp and combined with the relaxing qualities of Delta 8 THC - we are sure you will get a long night's rest!


What is Delta 8 THC? Delta 8 THC is naturally occurring cananbinioid found in the hemp plant. It is slightly less psychoactive that Delta 9 THC and generally has a relaxing effect. It most certainly will still produce a "high!"


What is CBN? While CBN doesn’t get people high, it can make them sleepy. In fact, it’s known as the cannabinoid with the greatest sedative properties. Consuming 5 mg of CBN is the equivalent of taking 10 mg of Valium – but with only 10% of Valium’s psychoactive effects.



Sleep Formula (Delta 8 + CBD + CBN)