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Who We Are


The Hemp market can be complicated to navigate - and chances are that if you are searching out a quality source of  products, you don't need any more stress in your life.


The benefits of hemp abound, but finding the right product is critical in helping you find relief. So why waste time browsing online trying to sort through products that won't get you where you need to be? ​That's why at Greenlight Natural we believe that our brick-and-mortar store - located in Omaha's historic and vibrant Benson neighborhood - is the surest way to get you on the path to wellness.


We want you to come in, sample the products, and spend time in a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can learn about the amazing benefits of cannabis.


​If you are shopping for legal hemp derived products in Omaha - you have a few choices - but not all options are equal. Though other quality retailers exist in Omaha, we have a high-quality selection of products that will beat the prices of anywhere in town. Many people buying cannabis are making the choice to shop at head shops and gas stations - both of which often offer poor-quality products - and many simply do not want to shop for wellness products in a smoke shop. You can trust that we have poured through the research and have worked to curate a wide selection of offerings that meet the highest standards of manufacturing and effectiveness. In short - we want you to get well, and that's why we are here. ​If you are a skeptic, we urge you to put aside any concerns you may have toward hemp and come in to learn for yourself what profound befits you may find.



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