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Don't Forget About CBD - It Might Just Make Your THC Experience Even Better.

Updated: Oct 5, 2023

CBD hit shelves in 2018 and collective shock and awe hit America. Legal cannabis products in stores right down the street! What was this new product and why did everyone want it? Well - to back up a little - THC was and is the most popular reason why people use cannabis. CBD offers many of the same benefits, but not the high, and that is the one thing that will always make CBD 2nd place. However! What we are finding with the expansion of use of CBD is that THC and CBD in combination create a very well rounded and perhaps even better experience. I wanted to offer a brief run-down of the benefits of the combination.

While CBD and THC have distinct effects, combining them can lead to certain benefits due to their interactions, which is often referred to as the "entourage effect." Here are some potential benefits of combining CBD and THC:

  1. Enhanced Therapeutic Effects: Some studies suggest that CBD and THC may have synergistic effects when used together. This means that when combined, their therapeutic benefits may be greater than when used individually. For example, the analgesic (pain-relieving) properties of THC might be enhanced by the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD.

  2. Balanced Psychoactive Effects: THC is responsible for the psychoactive "high" associated with cannabis, which some people may find uncomfortable or overly intense. CBD is believed to mitigate the psychoactive effects of THC by reducing anxiety and promoting a more balanced and relaxed experience.

  3. Reduced Negative Side Effects: CBD may counteract some of the potential negative side effects of THC, such as anxiety, paranoia, and memory impairment. By incorporating CBD, users may experience a more manageable and pleasant overall experience when consuming cannabis.

  4. Anxiety Reduction: CBD is known for its anxiolytic (anxiety-reducing) properties. When combined with THC, it may help counteract the anxiety and paranoia that some individuals experience when using high-THC cannabis strains.

  5. Neuroprotection: Both CBD and THC have been studied for their potential neuroprotective properties, which could be beneficial for conditions like multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, and neurodegenerative disorders. Combining these compounds might enhance their neuroprotective effects.

  6. Appetite Stimulation and Nausea Relief: THC is known for stimulating appetite and reducing nausea. Combining CBD with THC might help maintain these benefits while minimizing any potential negative effects, such as excessive hunger or intensified psychoactivity.

  7. Customized Effects: Combining CBD and THC allows for more personalized experiences. Depending on the ratio and dosage of each compound, users can fine-tune the effects they desire, whether it's pain relief, relaxation, or other therapeutic outcomes.

  8. Medical Applications: Some medical conditions, such as certain types of chronic pain, may benefit from a combination of CBD and THC. For instance, certain medical cannabis formulations with specific CBD:THC ratios have been approved for use in treating conditions like chronic pain and epilepsy.

It's important to note that individual responses to CBD and THC can vary based on factors such as genetics, metabolism, tolerance, and the specific ratios of the compounds consumed.

The most effective way of consuming CBD or THC is inhalation. For those who often use THC flower - we highly recommend maybe trying some of our CBD flower - we think that you will be surprised at the benefits you see! Thank you and as always, we love our customers and thank you for helping us continue to grow!

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