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Cannabis 101 - Why Do People Use CBD?

Having been immersed in the cannabis industry for quite some time, I often forget that a great knowledge gap still exists between the general public and those of us who live and breath all things cannabis (Insert breathing cannabis joke here). I am often reminded of this fact by new clients who wander into our store in Omaha and are unaware of many cannabis basics, and we love offering that education.

That being said, I want to take a step back and offer this blog as a sort of “Cannabis 101” for those who may be brand new to anything CBD related and need a crash course. I understand that all of the terminology and strains and variations can be a little overwhelming as you dip your toe into the water. Over the following months I will tackle one subject at a time. We hope that whatever information we can provide here will make your shopping experience a bit easier – or at the very least – we hope that you walk away knowing a bit more than before.

Let's start with the most frequent question I get from new customers: "why do most people use CBD or Delta 8?" Now, I promise, we will dig deeper into what those two compounds are, how they work, why they are legal in Nebraska - and all that good stuff. But for now, I want to offer you a wide angle perspective on why most people use cannabis. This is by no means an exhaustive list, and you may have a unique situation. It is, however, a good overview that may speak to your current needs.

Overwhelmingly, customers I meet with walk through our doors looking for relief from anxiety. Clinically speaking, cannabis can have anxiolytic effects - meaning it can reduce anxiety. Suffering from anxiety is no small burden (I speak from experience) and there is ample evidence based on solid research that shows cannabis can offer serious relief.

Secondly, I encounter customers who are seeking relief from pain. This runs the spectrum and can be related to joint pain, back pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia - the variety of people who come in seeking pain relief is endless. And age is of no account - I have customers from 21 - 90 years old. Don't think that this is just for grandma's arthritis - pain knows no age and it is never too soon to start seeking relief. Research has shown cannabis to be a rather effective natural analgesic even when stacked against more common pain killing options.

The third most common reason people seek out cannabis is for help with sleep. Restless legs, insomnia, anxiety related sleep disorders, and many more. While cannabis itself is not a sedative by definition - it most certainly offers people help with sleep in that it can help people relax. We offer tincture blends that are high in the cannabinoid CBN that may offer even more help with sleep (more on that in another post.)

I want to also emphasize that a person need not have a medical condition to enjoy the benefits of CBD and cannabis. It can simply be enjoyed recreationally as a means to relax and unwind! I hope that this have given you a brief understanding of why people seek out natural remedies with cannabis - and maybe spoke to your current situation. Our customers are so varied: elderly, young, men & women, veterans, cancer patients - just to name a few. No matter where you are in life or why you are looking at cannabis, I promise you are not alone and, if possible, we will work to find the right solution for you.

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