We search out the finest hemp farmers around the country to curate an amazing section of amazing quality hemp flower. Delta 8 Hemp Flower is created by infusing high grade smokeable CBD Flower with Delta 8 Distillate. An amazing way to get your daily D8 and CBD while enjoying some flavorful flower. Note: expect the flower to be sticky and covered in D8 distillate - this is entirely normal. We advise against using a grinder as it may gunk it up.


Current Strains:


Peach Chronic: Heavy dense buds with strong citrus and peach notes. Very relaxing evening smoke.


Wedding Cake: Cake lives up to the name with an inviting sweet flavor and even better relaxing effect. Perfect evening smoke.


Pineapple Kush: Classing Kush flavor with citrus aroma, very nice day time smoke with uplifting effects balanced with relaxing Kush effects.


Girl Scout Cookies: Cookies, the classic Hybrid. An all around great smoke for any time of day, sweet and earthy notes.


Sour Lifter: An OG Hemp flower strain, Lifter is the essential sativa daytime smoke. Sour Lifter is crossed with Sour Space candy to ramp up the amazing citrus flavor.



Delta 8 Hemp Flower