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Why Buying Quality CBD Matters

CBD is popping up all over Omaha. Many retailers such as Greenlight Natural and others are offering a full line of high quality CBD products from trusted sources that uphold the highest standards in the industry - companies like Green Roads, American Shaman and Canna Hemp and CBDistillery.

Personally I have started to see gas stations and smoke shops across town offering a whole variety of brands that seem suspect - and the science bears out my suspicions (link below). Why is this so important to you as a consumer of CBD - or better yet - to potential new customers? Because if you were to purchase some off-brand junk CBD from the gas station, you would be sorely disappointed in the results - because there is a high chance these cheap products have little to no CBD in them, or worse, synthetic drugs made to mimic the feeling of THC.

The CBD and Hemp industry - despite its massive success - is still an emergin market and there is a great deal of work to be done in educating the public on the benefits of CBD. Omaha is large city and acceptance of such products is not rare - but there is still a large population who simply do not know - or do not care to know - why CBD is so effective in helping a myriad of ailments. Getting quality products in the hands of consumers is the only way to win the campaign in support of CBD.

I full support the right of any business to sell whatever CBD product they feel is good - and I support the right of other manufacturers who want to produce sub-par quality products. This is a free market. However, competition in a free market is critical - and only by working to clearly highlight why some products are better than others will allow the weaker, ineffective products to start reducing their market share here in Omaha.

Stay away from Gas Station CBD - it's that simple - vote with your wallet.

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