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Cannabis: The Untouchable Plant?

Having been around the use of cannabis since I was young - I have meet people who run the entire spectrum of advocate and those opposed to the substance. Personally, I have always been an advocate for the responsible use of cannabis - but I think some would be surprised to learn: I think it is totally OK to offer criticism of the plant, and its use.

Some on the advocacy side fall into the camp of "marijuana can do no wrong" - and I think this position is just as outlandish as those who say that the medicinal and recreational use is 100% a scourge to be eradicated from the earth. To highlight this, I will take not only my own personal experiences - but I will also draw on those experiences from many people I have met who feel the same as I do.

Let's start by looking at the marijuana plant itself, and it's evolution over the last 20 years. Growing up in Texas in the late 90's, my exposure to marijuana was limited mostly to what we would call "reggie" - you know - that dry, bricked up weed from back in the day that came pouring in from Mexico. It was likely topping out at 5% - 8% THC content. It was not very potent. Fast forward to today and we see the arms race of the marijuana world seeking to ever increase the potency of THC far past 8%. If we were to liken this to the alcohol industry, it would be as if only Moonshine was being produced. Sometimes people just want a beer - not pure grain alcohol. I think this aspect of marijuana use seems to have been overlooked and ignored - seeking to grow only plants that will get people as high as possible.

Enter CBD into the marketplace - bringing balance back to the force. CBD offers cannabis with very low THC content and very high CBD content, which provides maximum medical benefit without the high. Personally, the high THC content of today's marijuana gives me anxiety - and I keep meeting countless people who feel the same. Using CBD, for us, is the natural best fit - we get the anti-anxiety qualities and no paranoia.

So herein lies the rub in this whole cannabis situation and debate we find our country in. Over zealous Marijuana advocates often act as if THC can do no wrong - which is clearly wrong. People with mental health issues, such as anxiety, bi polar and others - are not always going to respond well to high THC, and in fact they can have severe adverse reactions. CBD use is exploding, and for good cause. Farmers who have been growing marijuana for a decade or more are switching over to Hemp to help match the high demand for CBD. Farmers in Nebraska were recently granted legal access to grow hemp with the passing of LB657, and soon our great state will join the growing agricultural boom.

All of this is great news. When I reflect on this growing market - I cannot help but find it funny how Hemp, the once ignored commodity, has made such a strong comeback. Waiting in wings for decades, CBD is now emerging as the cannabis of choice for millions. And I could not be more excited to see this happen.

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